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Each apartment is individually designed
to increase space and light.
The building is for residential purpose and
consists of 122 apartments, storage
and garages.


The building is for residential use
and consists of 122 apartments,
storage rooms and garages.

It has four main entrances from which you enter the staircases, and all vertical communication is solved by stairs and elevators.

The number of floors of the building is Po (garage) + P + 3, which is in accordance with the urban construction conditions.
The basement level with vehicular access via the entrance ramp, which has access from Ulica Poduzetnika – Via degli Imprednitori, contains a total of 74 garage spaces and 29 storage rooms, as well as 3 communication staircases and elevators.

The project also provided 82 outdoor parking spaces located on the ground floor
building, and 25 covered parking spaces as well as 76 storage rooms.

On all other floors, from the first to the third floor, there are apartments and also 46 storage spaces.

Luxury apartments


Located in the city of Umag itself, Viking Invest is constructing a multi-residential building with 122 apartments on the existing building plot, house no. 2625/3 k.o. Umag, total area 7,532 m2.

The access to the plot is existing, it is necessary to use the unique vehicular and pedestrian access from the west side and the Street of Entrepreneurs - Via degli Imprenditori.

All important residential facilities are located 100 to 500 m from the project - shop, kindergarten, school, health center, sports fields, cafes, restaurants, marina and the center of the city of Umag. All in all, the project is 700 m from the sea, as well as from the first city beach and promenade.

Centurion Residences UMAG

Floor plan

Centurion Residences Umag

Here is a tabular overview that contains information about the area of each apartment.